Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Hero

Every year, our family waits very fondly for December 11. The reason is very special and close our hearts. This is the day when we get together and visit BSF unit based at Mamdhot, Ferozpur to salute our great Hero, who sacrificed his living abode for this great nation. This was way back in the year of 1971, Indo-Pak war, when my great uncle, R.K. Wadhwa, sacrificed his life whilst fighting against Pakistan to capture BOP Rajamohtam. For this commendable and extreme courage, he was awarded with the highest gallantry award of Mahavir Chakra.

It was more special to us as Vedanshi, the third generation, also visited the border noticing the incomparable courage of our great soldiers. She was excited and watched the flag ceremony at the Hussaniwala border in Ferozpur.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Article on STC

I am elated to see my article published on STC India Chapter,

Thanks to STC members and non-members to read through my article. I would really appreciate if you can send across your suggestions/comments/apprehensions of my article at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jugaad chalege kya

I think each one of us in our lives would have heard of this word, Jugaad, especially in India. It is an overwhelming experience to know the aftereffects of Jugaad. Sometime back, an Indian born NRI remarked something about India--"Nothing works here, except Jugaad! The Jugaad is an inherent quality of an Indian."
From here, my quest for this word begins!

I will leave it to your judgment. Officially speaking, I don't believe in this crap preconceived notion of being a Jugaadu. I myself have at times have taken steps against the system and have avoided it, by choice.

Jugaad is a word that revolves around people. So, the basic question that comes to my mind is what is this Jugaad all about! Everybody thinks out of the box; always looks for a simple alternative to a problem. The easier way to waive off big queues at temples, skip easily from traffic policewalas after jumping off a signal, engineering seat, voting at cities, and what not. Everything is a pious crime if you have a jugaad....contradictory, isn't it, mind it!

Let us now define this term:

"To be specific, Jugaad, is a way to protect yourself by means of people or resources all around."

It acts like a shield that can protect you from the outwardly world. It could be expensive at times, I mean it. But it can work anywhere, I bet.

How does it work?

- Understand the psychology of the person whom you met at a weired situation
- Instead of challenging him on whatever he is demanding, see what do you have to offer him. E.g, mithai bacho ke liye, offer and bla bla.

Caution: Analyze a bit and introspect what would happen if it gets duplicated in the entire nation. Will it be of great help? Duplicate is the word...don't you think it will be a chaotic society and eventually chaotic nation.

Now, you have easily escaped the challenge. Let's try it out now.

But the question is what is the need not to change afterall? If we continue to live the way we are living, the day is not too far when we will be lagging behind in all domains. There is a high demand to change, change forever.

So, I request all of you--Better, change your attitude. Be a trend setter!

Friday, August 08, 2008

The world is round

It all started off a year with the buzz about me joining Etisalat, UAE a year back. Everybody at my home were against my decision. Going to, not at all! But I just wanted to move out of India like many other Indians with the sole intention of making a big fortune there.

My profile got shortlisted and I got a call from a consultant that I need to come down for an interview. I flew all the way from Hyderabad to attend the interview. Both Sheikh and Firang (dunt remember their names now) interviewed me and it happened at Bangalore. It was understood that my expenses will be reimbursed by the big giant. It was an informal interview and they offered me with a good pay package. I started counting the figures in rupees and it was close to 2 lacs per month.

Immediately, I surrendered my passport and other vital papers to their HR personnels. After lots of discussions, they convinced me it was part of process to surrender your passport. I was little skeptical but I did not have any go then.

Now, a year has gone by...I am still in India with no reason and feelings to go abroad.:) I love my India. But few things have changed--I have changed my marital status to Married from Bachelor.

I got to know that Etisalat opened an organization here in India, Bangalore. They are looking for writers in their organization. Incidentally, my wifey got a call for this company for the same position I had an offer a year back. She applied for the post and got a call for the interview. I went along with her for interview with nostalgic feelings of not finalizing the offer then. No regrets man! She has just given the interview and she is not so optimistic about the result.

Let's see whether Etisalat is lucky for her !

Moving from Journalism to IT

Olympics is going to kick start today in China, Beijing. Everybody is waiting for this mega opening ceremony. Today's date is 08/08/08...looks like an auspicious date for Chinese and that's the reason this date was opted. There is also an important event happening in my family.

My sister has put up her papers in her organization today. She is looking forward to new challenges. Moving from the field of Journalism to Information Technology (IT) industry was not at all an easy task for her. She is passionate about Journalism and she would always recall something or the other about Journalists appearing on various channels(nostalgic) while watching TV. She misses the world of hoopla, aggressive behavior, and clear visibility. Moving to a new world of Information Technology was little difficult initially. However, she worked really hard to get through it. She finds the IT world to be a relaxed one for the following reasons:

1. We work for 5 days a week. Her favorite pet line is: 'You guys work for 5 days a week; even then you crib a lot!'
2. Working for normal hours wherein you have the flexibility to be in touch with your friends (Thansk to Gmail chat :))
3. Work hour is well defined; plus you have the flexibility to Work from home (WFH).
4. Job responsibility is well defined.

For her, the new assignment would be a contractual position with Cognizant (CTS) and she will be on payrolls with another partner company. The exciting news is she will learn something new with one of the best companies of the world.

She is looking forward to joining this organization and so do we. Let's see how thing s go for her from now on...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quality Mantra

What is a Quality norm for you? Quality and Quantity can't go together. Quality is a fundamental and irresistible norm that drives organizations in the global competitive market.

In my opinion, Quality is best defined as follows:
"Quality is conformance to explicit and implicit requirements."

Explicit requirements are easy to understand and implement in the software application. However, the implicit requirement in actual screw up things badly. The best way is to give enough pointers to the client to fetch information related to implicit requirements as well.

- How do you track Quality norms for documentation?
- Is Task Analysis and Audience Analysis mandatory aspects?
- How can you contribute towards improving the quality of documentation?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Brother

He is a hunk, believe me. He is dashing and always rocking and doing his tasks in an efficient manner. For the simple reason, he believes in the following saying:

"What else can you expect seeing my background in life!"

He is the epitome of positive attitude and he always look around for things to improvement in his life and others life. He is an engineer by educational background.

What interests him the most:

He loves interacting with people
He speaks what he wants in life
He walks the talk
He is very positive in life
He is loving and always ready to spread love
He is caring and sensitive in nature but strong enough to handle tough situations

He is my boy! He is here to win the race of Life.

God bless him.

The HUMAN Mind

Human being is the most special and beautiful creature of God. Human beings are characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage. The reason why we are 'special' is because we possess brain that distinguishes us from rest of the animal kingdom. We can think (read it, loud)! We think about loads of stuff--thinking about our future, consequences about a task, lifestyle of our family, oneness with God, accessibility, relationship, and the list is endless. We are thinking all the way, all the while, isn't it? Even if we are mum, we are still thinking about something or the other. Why do we think a lot? What drives us so much?

There could be many reasons attributed to it. Fairly speaking, I think there are two major inputs to our thinking lines--Fear OR Desire. Every other emotion or thought process revolves around it.

See I made you think now!

Intangible value of tangible Documentation

I am writing this on behalf of people who look at documentation as a "freebie assistance" entity that usually gets packaged with the product. Interestingly, we as a consumer, wish for the complete support of the product and manual is just a piece of cake.

I think it breaks all the barrier in getting familiarized and troubleshooting the products. It gives a calm solution to the product. You just have to refer it, man, before you jump up over your toes and make a conclusive statement about the quality of the product.

Documentation not only speaks about the true insights of the application but also acts as a "face value" of it. It has got technically accurate information supplemented with the easy-to-search and other usability features. Do we keep in mind all the parameters that any customer will be concerned about:

* Easy availability of Information at the mouse click
* Technically accurate information
* Structured documentation
* Searchability
* Intuitive Searchability feature
* Indexing


Friday, March 07, 2008

Seeing the new Forbes list of richest men on the phase of this earth makes me feel great about those smart Indians. INHO, By seeing someone's success, what you can achieve is nothing but you can get the real inspiration.

These people put in their best to their dreams. Means, they put in their
100 percentage to whatever they achieved. They would have gone through lots of hardships but they tackled them with determination and conviction.

If we get this point of determination and conviction and apply in our lives, success is not far then. Everything is life looks doable and achievable. Isn't it?

We get to live our lives once. To have the maximum taste, we need to give our true potential in whatever you do. Do we really get a chance to do so? If yes, do we really have the passion to do it in whatever we strive for?

I don't think so. "The true potential of a person is exposed only when he has true passion for whatever he is involved with."

I want to give my best before i go to death bed! For that matter, what drives us in life is meaningful. Explore and go for it. Just do it!